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PMP certification

I want to get some information regarding PMP certification. The test is given by the Professional Management Institute (PMI)and if you pass you will be certified as PMP (project manager professional). Has anyone already taken this test and passed? What kind of job offer you get with this and how much salary increase?


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Check out the Project

Check out the Project Management Institue's website:

Among the many certifications available today, the PMP stands out as the most prestigious, in part because it is considered highly difficult to attain.

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We are talking about PMP

We are talking about PMP examination and certification. What the PMP has to do with Black Belt Sigma and ISO 9000?

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 For anyone preparing for PMP

 For anyone preparing for PMP Certification, you might find the following site helpful:

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If you want to get into project management you need to become PMP certified first which very sought after and demanded in the IT industry, so you are heading in the right direction in that respect. If you interested in reading about PMP training and need some prior knowledge of where things are,this book should help you a lot, PMI Exam Prep: Rapid Learning to Pass PMI's PMP Exam on your First Try! ISBN: 9781932735185. Firebrand Training recommends this book as recommended by PMI and experts for anyone looking for a PMP certification for once and all. But if you are looking for class room type of guranteed course where you pass in 5 days or train for free again, I can help and also adive on that if you wish.

I hope this has helped you with the information you are looking for.