Is it ok to apply to multiple jobs in the same company

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Is it ok to apply to multiple jobs in the same company

I am interested in this pharmaceutical company, and decided to post my resume on their website.

When I searched their current job openings I found that for the same branch, they had many positions that I could apply to, and the titles for all were also very similar, for example
Research Scientist, Research Scientist I, like that, the only exception being that there were probably one or two changes in the job descriptions of each, but overall they were at least 80% similar.

To be more specific, I have been trained to do DNA/ protein work. One Research Scientist position says that they want DNA work plus little cell culture, another Research Scientist position says they want DNA work plus little virology, etc.

So in one sense I'm equally qualified or unqualified for both positions. And believe me, every position is of Research Scientist, only sometimes there is a number in front, say I or II, or nothing at all.

Sorry to make this sooooo long, but I just wanted to make sure everyone gets my question:

Should I apply to both positions? I'm not sure how the employer would feel seeing my application for several positions? Should I just slightly modify the cover letter for each, but they'll still know its the same person?

So I'm really confused please help me out

Thank you

Jason King
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If the application process in

If the application process in via an online CV submission then there is often field that must be filled out with a job reference number. The candidate then feels that they are only applying for that one position. It is unlikely that this would be the case unless the company is very large or the job specifications are very different.

Online applications are convenient for the company and make the negative selection process easiler for lazy HR people. However, unless the company explicitly states that you should not write a paper application, then I'd recommend that you do this.

A written application will allow you to get over more information about yourself and let you include a covering letter inwhich you would explain who you are, what motivates you and why you think you are an excellent candidate for the job(s) being offered. In the letter you would state which positions you would be interested in and where certain skills are lacking you can say that you are very keen to learn new techniques etc.

Even if your paper application is not better than everyone else's online applications, you will be remembered as being one of the few candidates that invested a little more time and effort - you will tend to stand out.

Good luck!

Ivan Delgado
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If I were you I would err on

If I were you I would err on the side of sending both. Many times the person that screens the applications will not look at your two applications as a negative thing. Remember that many times these applications are scanned in as little as a minute, so you could argue that having two applications increases your chances. You could also argue that applying to both positions shows your desire to work for that company.
In my opinion though the issue is not whether you should apply to both, but how to go about applying. In my experience almost all job offers come through networking and connections and not online applications. If I were you I would try to get a hold of someone and learn as much as you can about how to get that position. Better yet, try to connect with recruiters, they know how to get the attention of the people in charge of hiring. 
Good luck

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I have spoken to a couple of

I have spoken to a couple of HR friends about this very topic and they both agree that they would view multiple applications to the same organisation as an indication that the person has a strong desire to work there.