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SNPs Report

Does anyone have reactions to the findings in the SNPs report released by The Science Advisory Board? (

Some of the findings include....

"Drug research is another common objective of scientists who use SNPs. While greater than 70% of SNP genotyping is done on samples of human origin, one-fifth of samples are murine-based."

"Overall, 84% of study participants perform at least some of their genotyping in-house, and 59% of all total genotyping experiments are performed in-house. They named Applied Biosystems as the leading supplier of SNP genotyping instrumentation, followed by Affymetrix. In contrast, researchers who outsource their SNP genotyping are more likely to do so to a core facility or a collaborators lab rather than to an off-site service provider. These researchers cite convenient service, the fact that they cannot justify purchase of an instrumentation platform at current throughput levels and the expertise provided by their SNP genotyping provider as the three most common reasons why they outsource. These individuals identified Applied Biosystems as the leading commercial provider of outsourcing services, followed by Illumina."

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I've had a read and I didn't

I've had a read and I didn't really find that the article said anything particularly surprising or novel.