Next Generation sequencing conference

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Next Generation sequencing conference

Abstract Deadline Extended to February 25
NEXT-GENERATION SEQUENCING is driving growth within the basic and biomedical research communities as rapidly as the bases are being sequenced. All agree, however, that with the implementation of any new technology there is a balancing act of cost-quality-quantity. The potential applications are as numerous as the samples to be analyzed. Each next-generation platform is optimized for specific sequencing applications. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Next-Generation Sequencing offers an unparalleled opportunity to compare and contrast the next-generation sequencing platforms to best suit your research needs.

Ivan Delgado
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Another conference that will

Another conference that will discuss this topic is the following:
The Future of Genomic Medicine II
Which takes place this weekend at the Scripps in San Diego.
If you've never listened to Craig Venter talk about DNA sequencing, or any topic for that matter, use this opportunity to do so.