HUGO's 12th Human Genome Meeting

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HUGO's 12th Human Genome Meeting


HUGO's Organising Committee is delighted to invite everyone interested or involved in human genome research to Montreal, Canada for HGM2007. Between May 21 and 24, the Palais des congrès de Montréal will host this world class event, HUGO's 12th international meeting on the Human Genome.

Session Titles
Plenary Sessions

1. Large-Scale Medical Resequencing
2. Genome Wide Association Studies
3. Structural Genomic Variation
4. Genomic Medicine: Global Perspectives

Workshop Sessions

1. Functional Variation
2. Cancer Genomics
3. Ethical Issues Related to Genome-Wide Scans
4. Genes, Chromosomes and Diseases
5. Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
6. Neurological Disease Genetics
7. Unique Population Resources
8. Animal Models
9. Disease Modifiers
10. Protein Function
11. Genetics of the Heart
12. Large-Scale Genomics
13. High Throughput Genetic Screens
14. Project Briefing - The Challenge and Promise of the Human Variome Project

Symposium Sessions

1. Public Population Project (P3G)
2. Genome Diversity
3. Regulatory RNAs
4. Epigenomics
5. Genetics of Infectious Disease
6. Neuropsychiatric Genetics
7. Pharmacogenomics