Genomes to Systems Conference

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Tony Rook
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Genomes to Systems Conference

Manchester International Convention Centre, UK
22 - 24th March 2006

Genomes to Systems is back, following 2004s highly successful conference, with a 3-day programme of 16 academic sessions covering the full spectrum of post-genomic disciplines.
The event boasts an exceptionally strong academic speaker list with plenary lectures by some of the worlds leading scientists. The sessions include:

Structural Genomics of Disease
Proteomics for Systems Biology
Metabolomics in Health and Disease
Advances in Biosensors and Instrumentation
Comparative and Environmental Genomics in Action
Disease Proteomics
High-throughput Global Gene Manipulation
Public Population Projects in Medicine
Systems Biology - Engineering Approaches to Biological Systems
Pharmacogenomics - Working Towards Personalised Medicine
Systems Biology - From Models to Cells
Nanoscale Technologies in Bioscience
Transcriptomics and Expression Microarrays: A Promise Delivered?
Progress in Standards for Reporting Omics Data
Services and Resources from the European Bioinformatics Institute

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