EMBO Practical Course Genomic Approaches to Evolution and Development

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EMBO Practical Course Genomic Approaches to Evolution and Development

Location: EMBL Heidelberg
Dates: Sunday 7 February - Thursday 11 February 2010

Website and online registration:


Stephen Tapscott, Fred Hutchinson Center, USA
Martina Braun, EMBL, Germany
Catherine Adamidi, Max-Delbruck-centrum, Germany
Nicolas Delhomme, EMBL, Germany
Charles Girardot, EMBL, Germany
Ya-Hsin Liu, EMBL, Germany
Lucia Ciglar, EMBL, Germany

Scientific Organisers
Eileen Furlong, EMBL, Germany
Nikolaus Rajewsky, Max-Delbruck-centrum, Germany
Conference Organiser
Gwen Sanderson, EMBL, Germany

Registration and Payment

Attendance Fee: 250 Euros
The number of participants is limited to 20.
After the registration deadline expired, a selection will take place and everybody will be informed about the outcome. After registering you will be asked to submit your motivation letter. This should contain a statement about current research and a justification of interest in the course. You can submit a motivation letter using the account you've created (email + password). The motivation letter submission link will be found in the confirmation page/ e-mail you will receive after registration.
Before submitting please take into consideration:

  • The limit of 2000 characters refers to manually typed text.
  • If you copy paste the text, hidden formatting might still be included and you will be informed that your text exceeds the limit of 2000 characters. We recommend copy-pasting it into Notepad and then onto the website.
  • Some symbols are not recognized by the tool if they are copy-pasted. Make sure to use the website’s editing tool to include the special characters.
  • If you still encounter problems, try changing the web browser. 

Registration will open soon.
Meanwhile, if you are interested in this course and would like to receive updates, please send an email to the mailing list and mention the name of the course. You will then be informed once the registration is open or new information is available.