Beyond HapMap

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Tony Rook
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Beyond HapMap

The 3rd Annual International HapMap Project
Community Analysis Meeting
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
7 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
May 8-10, 2006
(Meeting begins at 9:00am on May 8 and ends by noon on May 10)

Please note: Pre-registration for this meeting is now closed.

The Analysis Committee of the International HapMap Project organized two previous meetings (April 2004 and March 2005) at which investigators from around the world reviewed emerging data from the HapMap Project and related efforts, shared analyses, and debated directions for future research. Phase I of HapMap was published in October 2005, and Phase II is now complete.

This meeting, the third in the series, has as its primary focus the application of the HapMap resource in human disease studies, population genetic and evolutionary insights obtained from the data, and emerging themes that point to new resources (such as knowledge of structural variants) required to perform human genetic research.

Beyond Hapmap is an unequalled opportunity for a diverse community of investigatorsthose involved in the HapMap Project, in population genetic and statistical analysts, and in genetic studies of human diseasesto come together to define and discuss a range of issues related to the use of the HapMap resource, and to identify paths forward to discover genetic contributions to human disease.

We invite participation and registration for this meeting by investigators (both mid-career and trainees) from these and other related fields. We strongly encourage the submission of an abstract from interested scientists, as more than half of the presentation slots at the meeting are reserved for talks selected from the abstracts.

Co-chairs International HapMap Analysis Group:
David Altshuler, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Aravinda Chakravarti, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Peter Donnelly, University of Oxford