Advances in Genome Biology and Technology, 2009

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Advances in Genome Biology and Technology, 2009

It's time for the 10th annual AGBT meeting.

2009 AGBT Meeting

The 10th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting will be held in Marco Island, Florida, from February 4-7, 2009. The AGBT meeting has become the premier scientific forum for capturing the latest advances in new DNA sequencing technologies and an outstanding venue for presentations on the applications of genomics to diverse areas in biology and biomedicine. The meeting will have daytime plenary sessions that feature keynote speakers, additional invited speakers, and abstract-selected talks. These sessions will highlight cutting-edge research in areas such as next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, genome structure and function, evolutionary genomics, metagenomics, medical sequencing, complex genetic diseases, and population genomics. Technical approaches being developed and utilized in contemporary genomics research will be presented during evening concurrent sessions. Our annual pre-meeting 'training' workshop will feature overviews on emerging DNA sequencing technologies and talks on the practical implementation of various next-generation instruments from experienced early users. Please plan to join us in Marco Island, where the relaxed atmosphere and outstanding science at the 2009 AGBT meeting will provide an exceptional opportunity to meet and interact with scientific leaders from the many disciplines being advanced by genomics.

The organizing committee for the 2009 AGBT meeting includes Eric Green (NHGRI/NIH), Elaine Mardis (Washington University School of Medicine), Deanna Church (NCBI/NIH), Colin Collins (UCSF), Gina Costa (Applied Biosystems), George Grills (Cornell University), Tim Harkins (Roche Applied Science), Steven Jones (BC Cancer Agency), Andre Marziali (University of British Columbia), Michael Metzker (Baylor College of Medicine), Chad Nusbaum (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard), Len Pennacchio (LBNL), Lisa Stubbs (University of Illinois), and Mike Zody (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard).