Seeking A Computational Biologist

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Seeking A Computational Biologist

We are looking for a talented and experienced programmer to join our sequence development team. You will be working as part of a team of developers on an EST or Full-length cDNA clone project. The preferred candidate will have a strong background in software design and implementation, along with thorough understanding of relational databases. The successful applicant should be creative and enthusiastic with a keen interest in biological sciences research and possess a degree in computer science with a minimum of one year relevant experience. Having degrees in both computer and biological sciences would be advantageous.

Required skills:

* Strong knowledge of Perl
* Experience with web development
* Relational Databases (MySQL & PgSQL)
* Experience with version control systems (SVN, CVS)

Required Non-Technical Skills:

* Excellent communication skills (verbal & written)
* Demonstrated strong analytical and problem solving skills
* Works well in a team environment and independently
* Self motivated and takes initiatives
* Detail oriented

Desirable skills:

* Strong biological knowledge (particularly molecular biology)
* Experience with DNA sequence analysis
* Knowledge of Python

full posting can be found here