comet assay

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comet assay

I am looking for information about other electrophoresis condition deferences about standart condition (1v/cm) in comet assay procedure?

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You can also look under the "Protocols" tab on the left side of the tool bar on this page, and find several protocols that are related to Comet Assays (with various conditions).

Hope this helps : )

Tony Rook
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Hi all -

Hi all -

I found this forum dedicated to comet assays produced and hosted by the Industrial Toxicology Research Centre (Lucknow, India).

Comet Assay

And here is the link for
Comet Assay Protocols

And here is a graphic depicted a basic comet assay methodology:

All in all this site seems very good for anyone interested in Comet Assay procedures, principles, or methods.

Tony Rook
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And here are a few more

And here are a few more resources for comet assays...


Peggy L Olive and Judit P Banáth. The comet assay: a method to measure DNA damage in individual cells. Nature Protocols 1, - 23 - 29 (2006)

We present a procedure for the comet assay, a gel electrophoresisbased method that can be used to measure DNA damage in individual eukaryotic cells. It is versatile, relatively simple to perform and sensitive. Although most investigations make use of its ability to measure DNA single-strand breaks, modifications to the method allow detection of DNA double-strand breaks, cross-links, base damage and apoptotic nuclei. The limit of sensitivity is approximately 50 strand breaks per diploid mammalian cell. DNA damage and its repair in single-cell suspensions prepared from yeast, protozoa, plants, invertebrates and mammals can also be studied using this assay. Originally developed to measure variation in DNA damage and repair capacity within a population of mammalian cells, applications of the comet assay now range from human and sentinel animal biomonitoring (e.g., DNA damage in earthworms crawling through toxic waste sites) to measurement of DNA damage in specific genomic sequences. This protocol can be completed in fewer than 24 h.


Sigma-Aldrich: The Comet Assay

Image Reference: Sigma-Aldrich


The Comet Assay Interest Group


The Comet Assay Website

General website available in both German and English versions.


Help! There's a comet in my computer! A dummy's guide to image analysis used in the comet assay.

A 46-page pdf document prepared by Barbara Vilhar from University of Ljubljana Department of Biolog, Biotechnical Faculty.


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Check out

Check out for loads of excellent information on the comet assay