Regional meeting on green nanoscience

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Regional meeting on green nanoscience

ONAMIs Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiatives (SNNI) 2nd Annual Safer Nano Conference (March 12-13th, Eugene, OR) will focus on proactive approaches to developing greener and safer nanotechnologies. Dr. Vicki Colvins (Rice University) keynote address will address the need for developing holistic approaches to nanomaterials design. Other internationally recognized speakers include Dr. Paul Anastas (Yale University) who is recognized as the father of Green Chemistry and will discuss how green chemistry as been applied to diverse fields, and Dr. Paul Slovic (University of Oregon) who will describe the perception and acceptance of risk from nanotechnologies. Two ONAMI faculty members will complete the slate. Dr. Jim Hutchison, Professor of Chemistry at University of Oregon and Director of SNNI, will lead discussions on development of greener nanomanfacturing approaches and Dr. Robert Tanguay, Associate Professor of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University, will describe incorporation of toxicological assessments in the proactive design paradigm.

In addition to the scientific programming during the day, ONAMI will co-host a public forum on nanotechnology during the evening of March 12th. The aim of the forum is to engage the public in exploring the societal benefits and potential risks of nanotechnology. ONAMI, in partnership with the University of Oregon and Oregon Museum of Science and Technology (OMSI) will host the free public forum on the University of Oregon campus on Monday evening. We are excited to partner with OMSI in this opportunity to interface with the public on nanotechnology.

Due to space limitations, registration is required for both events.

For more information on either event, please visit