International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases

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International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases

International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases
March 16 - 18, 2006

MEETING ALERT: Call for Abstracts Extension!

Abstract Submission Deadline has been EXTENDED to:
December 2, 2005

This conference is intended for clinicians, scientists, health educators, public health workers, academicians, representatives from all levels of government, and from community-based, non-profit, philanthropic, and international organizations. The goal is to enhance prevention and control of infectious diseases among women worldwide, ensuring that these efforts address global inequalities.

Abstracts in the following categories are invited for peer review.

Globalization, Women, and Infectious Diseases
Sex, Gender, and Infectious Diseases
Perinatal/Maternal Infectious Disease Tissues
Infectious Diseases Disproportionately Affecting Women
Healthcare-Related Infectious Diseases
Effective Prevention and Control in Women
Infectious Disease Disparities
Education/Women in Science
Women Speak Out
Global Strategies for Change

More information on these categories here.

Abstract submission to ICWID 2006 is through the meeting website: All abstracts must be submitted electronically.

Submissions must be received electronically by:
5:00 PM EST [10:00 PM UCT] December 2, 2005. Official conference website
abstract info More information on Abstract submissions
abstract submission Direct link to ASM's web-based abstract submission system
registration info Register to attend the conference via mail/fax or online form