Forecasting and Budgeting for Global Clinical Trials

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Monali Shah
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Forecasting and Budgeting for Global Clinical Trials

Companies conducting global clinical trials can often save on per-patient costs and take advantage of the lower labor rates and operating costs overseas. During this interactive conference, hear solutions and models that you can take away from the conference to improve the accuracy of forecasting and budgeting for global trials.

Maximize your learning with this interactive conference format:

Walk through a step-by-step process of developing a comprehensive global timeline
Discuss cost management techniques and forecasting methodologies with your peers in intimate working groups
Hear from a panel of experts on the important criteria for global CRO selection
Plus! Participate in an In-Conference Workshop:
Launch a Cost-Effective Global Clinical Trial

Hear what our attendees had to say about our domestic forecasting event:

“This conference filled in a lot of the missing links of information for coordinating efforts to execute contracts and grants. Understanding different perspectives from finance and operations and then communicating, is essential for success.”
-- Stephanie Stec, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Schering Plough

“Terrific conference- especially the speakers. I wish I had done this course when I started my role a year and a half back as it was a sharing of practical/hands on experiences.” --Rama Rao, Executive Director Finance, Novartis

“The future of contracting in clinical operations relies on the marriage between clinical operations and finance teams. This presentation captures and relays best practices in an exciting and engaging way!” -- Jesse Wheeler, Clinical Trial Administrator, CRX