CFP-Drug Discovery Informatics:eCheminfo2009 Phila/BursaryDeadline Mar31

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CFP-Drug Discovery Informatics:eCheminfo2009 Phila/BursaryDeadline Mar31

This is a reminder as the deadlines for abstract submission and bursary award applications are March 31.
This annual community of practice meeting is taking place for the fifth time and brings together a unique combination of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry experts, principal investigators and researchers from the academic and government sectors, and leaders from innovative enterprises. The smaller and more intimate meeting format pursued has fostered the type of collaboration not always found at large conferences.
Latest Advances in Drug Discovery Informatics 
eCheminfo 2009 InterAction Meeting
October 13-16, 2009
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, USA
Conference Link:
Themes: Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery Innovation, Structure-based Drug Design, Fragment-based Screening, Free Energy Methods, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Predictive Toxicology, Predictive ADME, Chemogenomics, Binding Energies, PDB Ligands
Format: Seminars, Roundtables, Presentations, Panel Q&As, Discussions, Break-out Workshops, Web-supported. Evening Poster sessions, networking, social activities.

This meeting will take place concurrently with the InnovationWell 2009 meeting.
Call for Papers:
Abstracts (300-500 words) should be submitted by March 31, 2009, and be accompanied by a short biography and photo of the presenting author (300-500 words). Abstracts approved by the scientific organizing committee will be selected for scheduling on the conference program. Authors will be notified of acceptance as soon as a review of submitted materials takes place and at the latest by April 15, 2009. Abstracts for posters will continue to be accepted for review through August 31, 2009. Please visit for submission guidance.
A pre-conference best practices workshop will take place October 12, 2009.

Bursary Awards
Bursary Awards will be used to support the attendance of a selection of academic investigators at the meeting and workshops. Applicants can be working in any area of research related to drug discovery.  Application deadline March 31, 2009.

Program: Dr. Barry Hardy, eCheminfo Community of Practice, Douglas
Connect. Tel: +41 61 851 0170. email: echeminfo -[at]-

Registration Enquiries: Nicki Douglas, Douglas Connect, Baermeggenweg
14, 4314 Zeiningen, Switzerland. Tel: +41 61 851 0461. echeminfo -[at]-