Careers Options Away from Research Bench for Post Docs & other Scientists

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Careers Options Away from Research Bench for Post Docs & other Scientists

Careers Away from the Bench
Careers Options Away from the Research Bench
for Post Docs and other Scientists

Thursday, May 14, 1:00-2:30pm ET (10:00-11:30am PT)

With Brianna Blaser, Ph.D.
(Project Director, Science Careers/AAAS)

Increasingly, Ph.D.-level scientists are becoming aware of other career opportunities beyond bench research. Join us and consider what your own career path in these so-called "nontraditional" areas might look like. We'll discuss the types of alternative careers available, how to parlay your current skills and values into a new area, ways to research career options, and how to develop the skills you might need. Could you be missing out on an exciting and rewarding career outside of academic or industrial research?

Brianna will discuss:

  • Types of alternative careers available
  • How to parlay your skills and values into a new area
  • Researching career options
  • Developing skills for your new career path

COST: Free, but registration is required. Long distance charges from your phone company may apply depending your phone plan.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: This webinar is online. You need a computer with web access for the visual and a regular phone line to hear the audio. Q&A is conducted by a chat box to the speakers.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THE WEBINAR?: This webinar is open to the public and anyone interested in career options for PhD-level scientists.

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Brianna Blaser, Ph.D.
(Project Director, Science Careers/AAAS)

Brianna Blaser is the Project Director of the Outreach Program for Science Careers where she organizes career and professional development workshops for graduate students, postdocs, and early-career scientists. Brianna earned her Ph.D. in Women’s Studies at the University of Washington in 2008. Her dissertation, More Than Just Lab Partners: Women Scientists and Engineers Married to and Partnered with Other Scientists and Engineers, examined how women scientists’ relationships with other scientists affect both their professional and personal lives. While at the University of Washington, Brianna was a research assistant at the Center for Workforce Development where she organized professional development activities for graduate students in science and engineering. Brianna earned her B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. She has held internships with the Association for Women in Science and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.