2008 Asian Wetland Convention and Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

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Isidro A. T. Savillo
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2008 Asian Wetland Convention and Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

The  Society of Wetland Scientists Asia Chapter  and the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior, Taiwan sponsor the 2008 Asian Wetland Convention and Workshop which will be held at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, Taipei on October 23- 26, 2008. Please visit the Call for Papers Web Page: http://www.swsasia.org/callforpapers.html and for the Registration, pls. proceed to: http://www.swsasia.org/news1.html
Wetlands serve as important intersecting point for the diversity of life. A place to unwind and to think how important water specifically clean water for the survival of organisms on earth. How can a molecular biologist survive if water is missing?  Find time to be with nature and attend our convention and workshop! We will be visiting a wetland where it was said that  50% of  the world's black faced spoonbills can be found. Unwind,  refresh and go back to the Molecular lab. with more energy!
An Invitation from  Prof. Isidro T. Savillo, Regional President, SWS (Society of Wetland Scientists) Asia Chapter at http://www.swsasia.org/president.html