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Research Fellow

Fixed Term Contract for 4 years

This is one of three positions recently awarded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to the groups of Dr. Tony Arber at the University of Warwick, Prof. Tony Bell at the University of Oxford and Prof. Roger Evans at Imperial College. The overall aim of this joint project in high-performance computing (HPC) is to further develop the EPOCH particle-in-cell (PIC) code to include a range of additional physics. The project is prompted by laser developments at the UK Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). The post based at Imperial College will develop a model for Coulomb collisions and coherent X-ray emission. The post at the University of Oxford will implement a semi-classical model of electron-positron pair production through the mutual interaction of energetic electrons, ?-rays and intense laser fields.

This post will work within the Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics (CFSA) in the Department of Physics, University of Warwick. The project will involve improvements and extensions to an existing PIC code. These include time-filtering and implicit schemes, load balancing on HPC systems, scaling up to the UK national supercomputer facility HECToR, particle splitting and joining algorithms and AMR schemes. You will also be responsible for integrating the work from Oxford, Imperial and Warwick.

You will have experience of scientific computing, plasma theory and optimising MPI codes. You will hold a PhD in a scientific discipline and preferably some post graduate, or industry equivalent, research experience in scientific computing. The preferred starting date for this position is 1 October 2009 and the latest possible starting date is 1 April 2010.

Further details:

Informal enquiries: Dr. Tony Arber ( in CFSA.