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Suggested new forum: Karl Fischer

Amidst all the myriad topics covered on this wonderful site, I cannot find any discussion of Karl Fischer moisture analysis. In fact, I could not find any forums anywhere devoted to this topic. I thus propose that a new forum be created under the Analytical Chemistry grouping.

Bethany Beckford
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HiWe have a Mitsubishi Karl Fischer which we use for coulometric and volumetric KF with and without a Vapouriser. We use this for Pharmaceutical GMP work and are not sure what limits to set for the calibration we do before using the instrument. The EP seems to suggest 98-102% for volumetric but doesnt mention the use of an oven and suggests 97.5-102.5% for coulometric with and without the oven but we are struggling to meet these limits. We use hydranal stds. Does anyone else work in the same way? What limits would you use for GMP work?ThanksBeth