A few thoughts on forum/subforum categories

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Jon Moulton
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A few thoughts on forum/subforum categories

Responding to the tweet -- "Want to see any new forums? Post your suggestions here http://bit.ly/giZlDk"

There is one very noticable lack: There is no specific area for developmental biology.

I don't think any of the rest of these are really important matters, but might start discussion.

How about a subforum on Model Organisms for "other model organisms"?
I post citations related to RNA-level therapeutics in the Gene Therapy subforum of Genetics.  It's an OK fit, but an RNA therapeutics section would be nice.
In diagnostics, I am putting probe diagnostics info into the "Diagnostic Sequencing" subforum -- again, not a perfect fit.  A probe diagnostics section would be nice.

g a
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 A forum on BIOFLUIDS

 A forum on BIOFLUIDS including Plasma, serum, CSF, Saliva, NAF and urine will also provide a specific region for research in this area.

This may follow up with subforums in the above specific biofluids.

marcus muench
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 As a developmental biologist

 As a developmental biologist and someone who works with stem cells, I find there can be a lot of overlap between the two.  One possibility is to expand the Stem Cell Forum to include developmental biology issues as well.  

Happy to hear thoughts on the matter, pro or negative.