wildtype primary MEFs refractory to adipocyte differentiation

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wildtype primary MEFs refractory to adipocyte differentiation

i derived E14.5 MEFs, the wildtype MEF are failed to differentiate into adipocytes, while the KO MEFs differentiate robustly.
i tried totally new drugs from another lab, work on my KO MEF and 3T3L1, but don't work on WT MEFs, few adipocytes emerge.
stronger induction with addition of troglitazone and BMP4, still failed.
seeding more cells(2x105cells/12-well plate), still failed.
prolong the induction time from 2d to 4days, still failed.
prolong the maintaining time from 8day to 12day, still failed.
in parallel, the KO mefs differentiate perfectly.

i don't what i can do else, i have tried 6 wildtype mefs from different litter and 3 heterozygotes mef, all failed.

is it possible that the reasons is the pure C57 mouse strain backgroud? backcrossed more than 12 generation.

reaaaly frustrated, wish to get some help from you ppl.
thank you very much.
any suggestion or comments, welcome to info me: