Which moderators moderate what categories?

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Arvind Singh Pundir
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Which moderators moderate what categories?

is there any way to find out who are the moderators for  respective forums,  like who is the moderator to  virology , mol bio, IHC etc, so that if we can reach the moderators of specific forum and directly post PM to them ..................

g a
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I also think that will be a

I also think that will be a better idea because sometimes we dont know where to post. Particularly I had a list of post doc opportunities which did not belong to any catagory mentioned.

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Thank you for the suggestions

Thank you for the suggestions. It is something we have become aware of ourselves and we are working to address this issue.
As you can see from some changes that have happened this week, we are working on upgrades to the site.
These will be launched in phases.
In one of the upcoming upgrades we will be includeing a more detailed "About Us" section in which you can learn more about the Staff and Moderators at ScientistSolutions.com, including the specialities of all the moderators.

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My name is Omai Garner.

My name is Omai Garner.
I moderate all of  the forums in General, Genetics, Cancer, and Bioethics category.
Here is my Bench space.
PM me anytime with any questions you have!

Fraser Moss
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I'm Fraser Moss

I'm Fraser Moss
The main category I moderate is Neuroscience, but I also do a lot in Anatomy & Physiology, particularly the electrophysiology forum.
I also keenly watch your posts in the Biophysics, Microscopy and Imaging, Cloning (Recombinant Gene Expression), and  Pharmacology and Drug Discovery categories.
View my My Bench Space to learn more

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My name is Saswati Hazra

My name is Saswati Hazra

I moderate "Cell signaling/transduction" and "Pharmacology and Drug Discovery" Category

Here is my Bench space

Dr. Analytical
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My real name is Merlin

My real name is Merlin Bicking.
I moderate Analytical Chemistry.
My Bench Space is at:

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 I'm Ed Dunphy, moderator of

 I'm Ed Dunphy, moderator of The Lighter Side of Science.  My Benchspace is here: http://www.scientistsolutions.com/Science-Bspace_9037fc17-4662-4e89-ac09-3062517cb753.aspx
In addition to working as a technician and scientist in academic labs since the early 1980s, I write comic strips and comic books, many about science.  I've been writing my science humor strip, Lab Bratz, since 2005.
And yes, my profile icon looks just like me.  Almost photorealistic, actually. Scary.

qiang wang
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I am Wang, Qiang, moderate

I am Wang, Qiang, moderate the protein detection and Arabidopsis and Plant Biology in MODEL ORGANISMS.
You are well come to visit my bench place.
PM me with any concerns.

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What are the qualifications

What are the qualifications for being a moderator?

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 My name is Boris Minev.

 My name is Boris Minev.

I moderate the Immunology forum.

Here is my Bench space.

PM me with any questions !


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cfish: moderator of Animal

cfish: moderator of Animal and Vet Science, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Benchspace Link: http://www.scientistsolutions.com/Science-Bspace.aspx

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I am Varsha Singh. I am

I am Varsha Singh. I am moderator for "Microbiology", "Proteomics" and "Model Organisms" forums*. I also contribute to "Protein Detection" forum. For more information visit my benchspace. send me a PM if you have a question.
* There may be more than one moderator for some of these forums.

Jason King
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I am not a moderator, but

I am not a moderator, but Virology is one of the forums that I keep an eye on. It has been very quiet though. My special interest is recombinant viruses and their use in gene transfer / cell therapy. We are most interested in modifying Macrophages, Dendritic cells and even Neutrophils.
If anyone has a virology related question then simply post it under "Virology" and if the PM route is more suitable than continuing the open thread then that would be OK.

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My name is Ashish Kumar. I
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I am the moderator for Cloning (Recombinant Gene Expression).

Here is my bench space:

R. Lynn Sherrer (RLS)

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Hi,welcome all to SSI , I' am

welcome all to SSI , I' am Arvind Pundir (PUNDIR), i am working at National Brain Research Centre, INDIA, i started this post few months before when i was member, now i am Moderator to Cytology, Histology and IHC forum (www.scientistsolutions.com/c588-cytology%2c+histology+and+ihc.html)

Here is my Bench space :  www.scientistsolutions.com/Science-Bspace.aspx

any suggestions or querry regarding Cytology,Histology and IHC Forum are welcomed and can be posted at my PM in my Bench Space section

(Arvind Pundir)

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Hi all,

Hi all,

I am the new moderator for Immunology. 

I research the responses of the immune system to influenza infection

Here is a link to my BenchSpace

Please PM me any time.

Jason King
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Hi again,

Hi again,

I am now your Virology moderator. I'm looking forward to updating the sub-forum a little and am open to any suggestions from scientists using  viruses - what would you like to see?

I am a B.Sc Biochemist but most of my background has been recombinant viruses for gene transfer so retroviruses, adeno-associated viruses (AAV), adenoviruses and lenti viruses. Virus construction means a lot of cloning so I'm on the cloning sub-forum a bit and generally I think of myself as a molecular biologist. Have worked in Cancer Research in Heidelberg and at the moment, in Inflammation Research in Edinburgh. HeeHawMcDuff (good Scottish name) used to be a colleague of mine here before moving to the U.S. Finally, I have an interest in research commercialization / entrepreneurship and am involved with our College in moving forward some ventures that look like good commercialization candidates. It sounds like a lot but probably just means that I've been at it for a bit longer than most (13 years post PhD).


N.B.     AAV is a member of the "parvovirus" family.

Adam Cadwallader
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Hi all,

Hi all,

I am the Model Organisms moderator.  I am looking trying to update the forum a bit.  I am open to any suggestions you might have - since most of the model organisms relate to other categories (i.e. viral-host interactions).

I am working on my bench space setup and will post it when ready.


Arvind Singh Pundir
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moderators : new website

Hello all,as we all now are on a new plat form of SSI entire new look, now we are not aware of the moderators can we agin share as the tralinig post does in the past PUNDIR