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Parul Singhal
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tell me truth...

Are we research scholars satisfied with our stiphend??.....consumed 12 years after intermediate for docterate  in comparision of engineers or computers professional............ 

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Is anyone ever satisfied with

Is anyone ever satisfied with the amount of money they are paid?

I think salaries are low but to a certain extent life scientists are to blame for this. We accept low salaries, therefore lowering the overall pay scale.

You also have to factor the total "compensation" package and life style issues into the equation.

PhD stipends appear low given the amount of work, but you are earning a degree that does increase your earning potential. And to top it off you are getting paid and dont have loans to pay back on the back end. Ask a PhD candidate outside of biomedical science if this deal sounds good?

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No body is satisfied with

No body is satisfied with their perks but what can be done? 

Ivan Delgado
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I was very happy with the

I was very happy with the money I was getting while pursuing my PhD (high $20k). Getting paid a salary while taking free classes, and all the while pursuing an advanced degree while setting your own schedule is very hard to beat. As long as you recognize that obtaining a PhD is stepping stone in your career the fact that you get paid should be viewed as a very nice perk.
I've talked with people in other fields that had to pay for their advanced degrees and trust me: it is a very nice perk not to have to pay. The perceived discrepancy in pay is to an extent compensated by the loans that need to be paid by advanced degree graduates in other fields. As someone that paid out of pocket for an MBA after leaving academia I can tell you that there are few things as nice as getting a degree for free plus a stipend. Believe it or not a colleague of mine that has worked in industry for years decided to go back and pursue a post-doc (to learn a new field of research). He was making a lot of money but felt that this was a good time in his career to go back and learn something new. The fact that a post-doc is paid and you get a stipend clearly was something that helped him in making this decision.

g a
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I agree to Ivan's point that

I agree to Ivan's point that the bottomline is you are getting a higher degree.  Its like earn while you learn scenario.
I belong to the catagory of those people who believ in doing what they like no matter if it rains money or not.
However at the same time I dont disagree that perks are comaparatively lower in the area of life science reserach in India and that has lead to the brain drain towards the west.....
I hope someone from CSIR/UGC/DBT OR ICMR is listening.
As for the latest news................. srf will be upgraded to 25k and jrf to 20k tis year.... but thats just a close to the truth... no idea.

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you are research scholar and

you are research scholar and you will get a degree after sometimes and stipend is providing for your research purposes like purchasing for books, and storage device and not for your personal thing or on yourself. You are not salaried person and not employee. you are only for five years.
institues are paying sufficient money as stipend to the research scholar