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Post doc....

Welcome to every body.....
I need some suggestion from you people here. I am looking for a post doc in USA in the field of structural biology.....
My previous backgroud in indirectly related with structual biology.
I have one equal author publication and two other 3rd author publication....
I will have one more first author publication and it will be my main author publication.
I am very afraid of applying for post doc in USA.......
I am not very good in what I did becasue people whom I am working they create problem in my success.
I can have just one good recommendation letter.
Will I be able to get post doc in USA.
I would like to work in industry in the longer run so can you guide me how to look for post doc in industry.
I shall be very thankful to you for your kind reply.
with best regards

g a
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I suggest you go ahead and

I suggest you go ahead and apply with whatever best you have. Dont be afraid to jump in you never can learn swimming if you never were in water.
So go ahead and take a stand....
ALl the Best