Has this become an HR website ?????!!!!!!!!

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Jason King
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Has this become an HR website ?????!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry but with 95% of the most recent posts being cheap job postings, the serious scientists using this site are liable think twice about searching through the trash for quality posts to answer. Maybe the job & meetings related posts could simply go to the relevant sub-forum locations and not appear in the "most recent" postings. Next we'll be getting offers to buy cheap OEM software and Viagra ! 

Ivan Delgado
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I agree with parvoman. I used to be able to just login in and check the latest posts on the main page. Now I almost always have to go to the "More" link and surf down the list to identify a science-related post among the sea of job postings. I would also like to comment on the large number of meeting posts. While I think all the meetings/conferences are important, I think that most scientists plan months in advance before going to a conference. Maybe a reminder, once a week or two, that the "meetings/conferences" forum has been updated would be enough. 

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Yes i also agree with both

Yes i also agree with both Parvoman and Ivan now a days we rarely find posts of scientific querry ,rather people keep on posting the  openings positions again and again same day, repeatedly from the same website may be due to the quest to earn more points because if they had the intention to share the things they can post multiple openings in a single post  instead of posting every single position from the same website again and again through multiple posts , they can even just  leave a link to the website, because there are numerous websites where you can find JFR,SRF Post Doc openings, lets utilise this valuable platform for scientific discussions and for solving querries thereby enhancing the quality of this website , unless there is delay in doing so and we loose this opportunity, we have got a nice scientific platform lets contribute to it wisely..............these are my personal views if i am wrong  i am sorry for that.............

R Bishop
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So have things improved for

So have things improved for you guys?

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Without a doubt!!  Fantastic

Without a doubt!!  Fantastic improvements made to the site. 
I particularly like the SciEvents category for meetings.

g a
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Indeed..... things have

Indeed..... things have improved. We are back to the basics of helping each other instead of providing suitable placements for each other. But I also noticed that along with the job posts..... the group of Monu, Shampa, Jiten, and sps has disappeared? I was sure that there were dupliacte Ids being used by these people as In a post started by muthonco jiten replied to my objection answering from his Id.......that i reported.
But Things are better.... and will be more better. Focus should always remain science......... nothing else.
Thanx to moderators

Amar Annamalai
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We have been carefully

We have been carefully watching the activities of members. We suspected few people who has come from same institute (Same IP), making threads and discussing themselves to hunt rewards, moreover, we have been banned several of them.
Hats off to members who are making our site towards our mission "Helping Scientists and Connecting scientists with technology"
"We are making a new history in life science"

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Really on the track to its

Really on the track to its objective of helping  and sharing knowledge for the progression of science
thanks to all the  efforts made by responsible members of SSI...............

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I got links for my question

I got links for my question that I asked and am very happy but I dont find any of the post which are made here HR. May be due to being a new member to this website.

Jason King
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Yes - things have improved a

Yes - things have improved a lot. There is nothing wrong with posting information about jobs  but (I think) members should try to keep in mind that the primary aim of the site is to solve scientific questions / problems. The sort of job posts that are really valuable would be those that might not appear elsewhere. Those posted by a PI who is looking for a very particular type of scientist, for example.

Welcome to the site.

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Good judgement i m also

Good judgement i m also thinking the same, we  can start a forum like journal club, this will help to analyse the all aspects of the recntly published papers in all subjects. If you are ready i wil give full support to you.