Can post in Gene Silencing: piRNA

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Jon Moulton
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Can post in Gene Silencing: piRNA

Here's an odd forum behavior -- when I attempt to post in Gene Silencing: piRNA, I am asked to log in or register (and the post is lost).  When I rebuild the post and try again, the same thing happens -- I am taken to a registration page.

(Darn, this should have been titled "Can't post in..." but I was too quick on the submit.)

While I'm editing, here's another comment.  That subforum was set up after I suggested a "non-coding RNA" forum and provided piRNA as an example of a topic that would fit into that category.  In response, the piRNA forum was inserted.  I've tried to post a few piRNA articles, but never succeeded (asked to register...).  While the subforum is still empty, I'd suggest shifting the title to "other noncoding RNA" as that would be a more inclusive category and it is currently an area where new discoveries are occuring.

Thanks for all you do, folks.  Keeping a board like this running is no small task.