Allopathy and homeopathy/Ayurvedic effects

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Allopathy and homeopathy/Ayurvedic effects


Before I write or say anything. Just want to mention I'm not in favor or disapproval of any medicine or medicinal approach.
100% Vegetarian.
What I as an individual have experienced from time to time that none or close to 98% of the Allopathic medicine has been giving me severe reactions. And 50% of Auyurvedic medicine too end up giving -ve reaction.
My major concern is why is that --- why I'm out of those 1-2 % who gets the severe reactions resulting in loosing ---  breath --- heart beat --- goes down to 40-50's.
Because sometimes no matter what in case of emergency  --- allopathic medicines seems to be best choice.

Any scientific reason and solution or answer available or any suggestions.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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