Molecule of the Year 2008 is the anti- SAG 421-433 catalytic IgA

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Isidro A. T. Savillo
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Molecule of the Year 2008 is the anti- SAG 421-433 catalytic IgA

Please visit the Molecule of the Year 2008 web site for the announcement at

Our Congratulatory Toast to the scientists working behind it!

R Bishop
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Here's some more info on this

Here's some more info on this molecule of the year from the ISMCBBPR website
"ISMCBBPR President, Prof. Isidro T. Savillo  said,  “Of all the publications that dealt with the Achilles heel of HIV as well as with other relevant scientific publications commencing the year 2007,  the research study by  Sudhir Paul  with co- authors namely, Stephanie Planque, Yasuhiro Nishiyama, Hiroaki Taguchi, Maria Salas and Carl Hanson was exceptionally extraordinary by their discovery of a highly catalytic antibody or an abzyme belonging to IgA sub type which showed the astounding task of not only binding to Achilles heel of HIV but it was also capable of fragmenting and subsequently destroying its function. As mentioned* this may become a competent potential candidate yet novel and innovative for a future microbicide and vaccine for HIV prevention and treatment. Though IgA was given due recognition (Planque et al, 2008) other Igs such as IgM may also hold promising roles in future research elaborations.  Congratulations again!!”  For more interesting information about its outstanding characteristics, pls. refer to  Planque et al. 2008. Catalytic antibodies to HIV: Physiological role and potential clinical utility  at
Other supporting references include: Antibodies May Lead to Protection Against HIV at; *;
Excellent choice!  Happy New Year --
        -Dr. Wayne W. Grody, Advisor, ISMCBBPR