RNA Interference

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Fraser Moss
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RNA Interference

The Fifteenth Beckman Symposium

RNA Interference: Basic Biology, Functional Genomics, and Therapeutics

Friday, November 4, 2005Image courtesy of David Barford, Ph.D., Institute of Cancer Research, London.
8:30 a.m. - 5:20 p.m.

Program and details

Beckman Research Institute
City of Hope
Cooper Auditorium
1500 E. Duarte Road
Duarte, CA 91010-3000

"RNA Interference: Basic Biology, Functional Genomics, and Therapeutics" is the fifteenth Beckman Symposium to be held at the Beckman Research Institute. Supported by funds from the Beckman Endowment, the Beckman Symposia are arranged annually by the Research Staff Organization of City of Hope.

This years symposium was organized by:

* John J. Rossi, Ph.D.
* Rajesh Gaur, Ph.D.
* Ren-Jang Lin, Ph.D.

About the Model: Model of the PIWI domain of an Argonaute protein in complex with a Guide strand (green) paired with a target mRNA strand (yellow).