suggestions for small-size sequencer?

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suggestions for small-size sequencer?

Hi all,
I am hoping some of you can give me suggestions for a small (in size) "benchtop" sequencer. It doesn't need to be high-throughput, as it wouldn't be used daily, but more occasionally for 10-20 samples at a time. The main purpose would be for identifying bacteria (16s rRNA), with the potential for some small scale metagenomic studies (which would also be bacterial community based).
I am pretty new to next gen sequencing, and so I don't totally understand the differences between different platforms and sequencing style and if that would make a difference to our use. If I knew of any, I would just get a small scale capillary sequencer, but I've never seen one that is not meant for a much higher throughput than we will be using.
I have looked into the Illumina MySeq some, which seems to fit our needs. But I'm a little wary of Illumina because we have the Illumina Eco qPCR machine and I have noticed that very few other labs are using that brand and so I'm wondering why.
Thanks so much for any help or suggestions!

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I have used ABI 310 and 3100 capillary sequencers, single- and 4-capillaries respectively for sequencing. One of these might be a good choice for your needs based on my understanding. You could call and get more information from their technical support.
Hope this helps.
Biju Joseph