qPCR Workshop calendar - March 2006

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qPCR Workshop calendar - March 2006

TATAA Biocenter Open Course in qPCR:

Dear researcher,

TATAA Biocenter have found that the worldwide demand for training in the field of quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is huge. To coordinate this we aim to arrange practical courses, the 3-day qPCR Core Module and the 1-day or 2-day qPCR Biostatistics Module:

o The basic qPCR Core Module contains three workshop days:
o First workshop day will be directed to people planning or considering using qPCR in their research and also users not yet fully familiar will quantitative PCR.
o Second day targets more advanced users and people concentrating on different quantification strategies.
o The third day focuses on aspects in sample preparation and reverse transcription.
o The additional 1-day qPCR Biostatistics Module explains statistics applicable to qPCR and teaches how to use statistics to interpret real-time PCR gene expression data, and classify samples based on real-time PCR expression profiling.
o Starting in September 2006 we elongate the qPCR Biostatistics Module to a 2-day course.
o Courses contain both, theoretical seminars and practical hands-on training with experienced supervision.
o Practical training will be performed on three different real-time PCR cyclers, using multiple detection chemistries.
o The Biostatistics Module is further based on computer-based demonstrations. Please bring your own Laptop to the course !

qPCR courses are held in regularly in Gteborg, Sweden and in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany (near Munich, very close to the Munich Airport - MUC). Depending on the occasion different prices may apply. Also different course modules are available on the different occasions. Further customized workshops and specialized trainings will be held as well across Europe and world-wide.

The courses contain both theoretical seminars and a lot hands-on training with experienced supervision. Courses in at TATAA Biocenter Germany will be held under the supervision of Michael W. Pfaffl.

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NEW Course Occasions 2006 in Freising Weihenstephan:

16th - 19th May 2006
27th - 29th June 2006
25th - 29th September 2006
23rd - 27th October 2006
20th - 24th November 2006

Please send the qPCR NEWS to further scientists and friends who are interested in qPCR and in our Academic & Industrial Information Platform for qPCR. best regards

Michael W. Pfaffl
Manager TATAA Biocenter Germany