qPCR Design Tool for HRMA Primer designing

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qPCR Design Tool for HRMA Primer designing

Hey , I am new at HRMA Primer designing. Can anyone suggest me something? Are there any computer software which can assist in designing HRMA primer?

Ivan Delgado
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Hi s_robin20,

Hi s_robin20,

IDT has a free online tool for qPCR primer design called PrimerQuest. While this tool is free it is not specifically designed for HRMA, but since HRMA is just a different kind of qPCR theoretically you can simply get an assay designed by PrimerQuest and use it as a HRMA assay. 

Alternatively you can purchase Beacon Designer from Premier Biosoft, which is a program that was written to design HRMA primers. 

If you perform a Google search for HRMA primer design you will find other software packages that can do this. For example Qiagen sells the PyroMark Assay Design Software, which can be used for HRMA primer design. 

Good luck!