First International Meeting of Quadruplex DNA

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First International Meeting of Quadruplex DNA

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We are pleased to announce the convening of the First International Meeting of Quadruplex DNA. This meeting will take place at the Camberley-Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, April 21-24, 2007.

This First International Meeting of Quadruplex DNA will consist of five presentation sessions ranging in subject matter from quadruplex structure to quadruplexes as drug targets and therapeutics and take place over a two and a half day period. Presentations will consist of invited as well as contributed papers. There also will be two poster sessions.

It is the hope of the organizing committee that this will be the first of a series of biannual symposia on various aspects of quadruplexes, an exciting area of research in which interest is rapidly growing. At this conference, we hope to capture the essence of this excitement and bring together as many people from around the world who are interested in quadruplex DNA as possible.

We invite scientists, post-docs and students interested in this area of study to attend this meeting and contribute abstracts, from which the organizing committee will select papers for either posters or oral presentations.