C. elegans: Development and Gene Expression

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C. elegans: Development and Gene Expression

Thursday 17 June - Sunday 20 June 2010

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany


This topic meeting on C. elegans Development and Gene Expression will focus on the following areas:

* Germline, meiosis & sex determination
* Cell polarity and cell division
* Cytoskeleton, Morphogenesis, Organelles
* Signalling and post-embryonic development
* Genomics and Transcription
* Post-transcriptional and RNA-mediated regulation

Each platform session will focus on one area and begin with a Keynote speaker recognized in that area. The remainder of the meeting programme will consist of talks chosen from submitted abstracts, giving students and post-docs opportunities to speak. In the past, competition for talks has been high, giving rise to a very high quality programme.