Molecular Diagnostics Europe

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Molecular Diagnostics Europe

May 19 - 20, 2009 Molecular Diagnostics Europe
Stockholm, Sweden Further information
The challenge of emerging biomedical technologies is increasingly becoming interpretation of the vast quantities of data they generate. Effective strategies for data management and integration with other sources of information can lead to unexpected discoveries. Rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases with biochips focussing on detection and characterisation of pathogens as well on the host and its response towards infection.

Keynote Speakers:
John Quackenbush, Professor, Harvard School of Public Health
Till Bachmann, Head of Biochip Research, University of Edinburgh

Riccardo Castagna, PhD Student, Politenico di Torino
Irina Piatkov, Senior Hospital Scientist, Diversity Health Institute
Johan Skog, Instructor at Harvard Medical School, Assistant in Neurology Massachusetts General Hospital
Andrey Alexeyenko, Researcher, Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre
Mats Nilsson, Associate Professor, Uppsala University
Jean Schleipen, Philips Research Europe
Manuel Salto-Tellez, Director, Molecular Diagnostic Oncology Centre, National University Health System
Austin Tanney, Scientific Liaison Manager, Almac
Michal Marczyk, Postgrad, Silesian University of Technology
Scott Tebbutt, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Eddie Blair, Director, Integrated Medicines
Cornelius Knabbe, Professor, Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus
Jutta Bachmann, Director, Bachmann Consulting

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