Sequenom Down syndrome test successful in study

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Sequenom Down syndrome test successful in study

Sequenom Inc., which makes genetic analysis products, recently announced that a non-invasive prenatal test used to detect Down syndrome in a mother's blood was successful in all 200 samples without any false positives.

Sequenom said that current testing options have a detection rate of between 70 percent and 90 percent, with false-positive rates as high as 5 percent.

The company said it plans to continue development of the SEQureDX test through the end of the year before transferring it to laboratory partners. In addition, the company will start a study of several thousand samples in the fourth quarter in preparation for a launch of the test in the first half of 2009.

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Anyone followed up with this?

Anyone followed up with this? What happened?

Ivan Delgado
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Here is the summary: employees at Sequenom "mishandled" test data during the development of their Down Syndrome test. This could mean anything from true mishandling (although in those kinds of research environments there is supposed to be controls above controls so that these things never happen) to the falsification of data. Regardless of what really happened, the testing required to approve such a test is not valid anymore so the test cannot be used. As a result Sequenom's stock (SQNM) tanked from $15 on Wednesday to $3.50 yesterday. Ouch.