Next hot field: Next next generation sequencing

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Next hot field: Next next generation sequencing

The title of this topic may be slightly exaggerated but there is definitely a lot of activity in the sequencing space right now. A lot of new developments, including: Stephen Quake's single-molecule sequencing, Pacific Biosciences' $68M raise, Complete Genomics' $45M venture funding and Illumina's first delivery of complete human genome. Here is a quick gist:

Stephen Quake's single-molecule sequencing: Stephen quake, a Stanford professor reports sequencing his entire genome for less than $50,000 and with a team of just two other people. Here is the Pubmed link

Pacific Biosciences' $68M raise: The DNA sequencing technology developer plans to launch a commercial version of its single-molecule, real-time (SMRT) Sequencing System in the second half of 2010.

Complete Genomics' $45M venture funding: Complete Genomics Inc., a third-generation human genome sequencing company, said Monday it raised $45 million in a fourth round of funding.

Illumina's new genome service: Illumina, Inc. has announced that it has delivered Hermann Hauser’s genome sequence. Dr Hauser, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd, is the first consumer to purchase Illumina’s individual genome sequencing service that costs ~ $50K. The genome was completed in Illumina’s CLIA-certified and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory using the Genome Analyzer technology. Over 110 billion base calls were generated, delivering over 30X coverage of the genome. Data analysis showed 300K novel SNPs in the genome that have not been documented elsewhere.

I am sure there are many other exciting developments which I did not mention here. Feel free to add to this discussion if you have noticed anything else or wish to elaborate on the above items.