Pico Molar molecular probes

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Pico Molar molecular probes

Hi everyone,

We're a research team at Stanford developing molecular probes that can diagnose at picomolar concentrations. What are proteins/antigens that you'd recommend we look into? There are so many that we'd like to start based on those that the scientific community has a definitive problem diagnosing with current molecular probes. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I am not working on this

Hi, I am not working on this anymore, but I think you should look at the proteins of the Bcl-2 family , in particular Bax, BclXL, tBid, those are proteins involved in mitochondrial apoptosis and their expression, conformation and interactions between them are linked to cancer/apoptosis

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I would second Hatuey's

I would second Hatuey's suggestion but would also add that more cell-impermeant probes that will light up the plasma membrane or channels would always be welcome.