Sybr14 x Sybr Green I

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Sybr14 x Sybr Green I

I'm trying to find out if is there any difference between Sybr 14 and Sybr Green I for cell DNA/nuclei staining...? I need to evaluate sperm viability, but all the protocols I find use Sybr14 (available in Live/dead sperm viability kit, from Molecular Probes). Since I already have PI and Syber Green I in my lab, I was thinking if this combination would also suit the purpose... Most of the protocols I found for Sybr green I in cytometry were for microbial staining, not for sperm or mammalian cells. I think I'll try it anyway, while I wait for Molecular Probes' Kit (here in Brazil sometimes it takes long for some material to be delivered...).
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Hello Graciela, sybr green 1

Hello Graciela, sybr green 1 also used in our laboratory for real time. but for cell viablity we use propidium iodide. i dnt knw the difference b/w sybr green and sybr 14? plz let me knw wht hapnd whn u used sybr green for cell viablity?