new trans gene insertion

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new trans gene insertion

is it possible to isolate gene from any stesss tolleerent  spicies which is responsilble for stress tolerence  and may it be transfomed n expressed in my experimental plant?if yes so how?

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I hope yes. I found something

I hope yes. I found something related to your querry on internet. In order to isolate anti-stress genes from mangrove plants, a cDNA library of Avicennia marina was constructed and screened for anti-stress genes by a functional expression screening with Escherichia coli cells. Several stress-related gene homologues, such as chaperonin-60, clpP protease of the clp/Hsp 100 family of chaperones, ubiquitin, eEF1A, drought-induced AtDi19 gene of Arbidopsis thaliana, and secretory peroxidase, were successfully isolated.

DNA topoisomerase I-related function