QIAgenes Expression Kits

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Ivan Delgado
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QIAgenes Expression Kits

Recently I came across Qiagen's new QIAgene Expression kits. As someone that has always cloned a gene of interest into an expression vector, transformed it into E. coli, selected the right colonies, grown a positive colony, induced expression, and ultimately purified the protein, these new kits are something to look at. 
In short, Qiagen has cloned every single human gene (all 35,000 of them) as His-fusions and into expression vectors (see here). You can basically search for your gene of interest and simply order it ready for expression. 
If that was not enough, you can also buy from Qiagen an EasyXpress Protein Synthesis kit. Basically what this enables you to do is take your QIAgene Expression clone (a His-fusion of your gene of interest), mix it up with the EasyXpress E. coli lysate and bingo: you get up to 1 mg of your protein as a His-fusion (no need to transform bacteria, select for clones, etc). You then take this in vitro translation reaction and purify your His-fusion protein over a Nickel column (Qiagen also makes a kit for this, called Ni-NTA Fast Start kit). 
While there are multiple ways of doing this kind of experiment (expressing your protein of interest), this combination of three reagents/kits is remarkable.