Difference between Clinical Research and Clinical trial

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Difference between Clinical Research and Clinical trial

Can anybody please let me know if there is any difference between Clinical Research and Clinical Trial? I'd seen these two terms being used as synonyms and few people tell that Clinical Trial is one kind of Clinical research whre Intervention is must, but couldn't find any evidence in this regard.

If any body can clarify this (with evidence from reliable sources) then it will be great.


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 Hi..even I am not satisfied

 Hi..even I am not satisfied with this difference. But I could tell you that Clinical trial is the study which involves participants to check the efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics of invetigational new drug.

Whereas clinical research is a broader term which involves Clinical trials, BABE studies, Stem cell or any newer researches like translational medicine etc.

So, Basically Clinical Trial is the type of clinical reesarch.

I dont have any evidence for that..


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Dear Spr,

Dear Spr,

I have been trying to give you the answer for this question in your previous posting from Nov-2009. Please check my previous response to you and if you have additional questions I will be happy to help you.