Nontraditional Career Options For Ph.D. Life Scientists

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Nontraditional Career Options For Ph.D. Life Scientists

What are the professional employment rates for PhD Life Scientists? Do you have to compromise you experience and knowledge to find a job? How relevant is career advancement in the field? What are the alternatives?

These are the questions I have started to ask myself  once our incredibly promising and well organized bio-pharmaceutical company joined the long-list of downsizing and re-structuring companies in a current (or perhaps permanent for biopharmaceutical)  not stable economy.
Why most  of the graduate programs continue to exclusively train students for lifelong careers as academic researchers while it's well know that unemployment for Ph.D. life scientists has skyrocketed during the past 5-10 years?
Attached article (that was recommended by Christoph Pittus) on one of the professional forums realistically reveal current employment situation and discuss a known and unknown non-traditional career options for PhDs Life Sciences.
Life Science Leader, May 2011
Written by: Cliff Mintz Ph.D.