'Golden Era' In Spinal Cord Injury And ALS Research

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'Golden Era' In Spinal Cord Injury And ALS Research

New experimental therapies are being -- or soon may be -- tested in clinical trials that could open the doors to a "golden era" for research to improve the treatments of people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, and other severe movement disorders.
Interesting publication in ScienceDaily Web Journal
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/11/071106122525.htm reveals future diections in treating spinal cord injury."The new therapies include an experimental, custom-made antibody to NOGO-A, one of several inhibitory proteins for nerve fiber growth that are produced naturally in the human spinal cord and brain. It soon will be evaluated as a therapy for patients who are newly paralyzed from spinal cord injury". Present time of transition from laboratory research to clinical trial in spinal cord injury promises to open a "Golden Era" in Spinal Cord Injury Treatment. "The coming few years will show whether the step from bench to bedside can be successfully achieved in spinal cord injury and central nervous system trauma without the danger of serious side effects or complications," Schwab says.


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We all have to work hard to

We all have to work hard to get the solusion!