Prestimulation of inhibitors (U0126)

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Prestimulation of inhibitors (U0126)

Hello everyone!

I am working with thyrocytes and are trying to get a nice dose/response with the U0126 MEK inhibitor.
I do not get that terrific results, especially they are not that consistent between different experiments,

So, when serching the net for different thoughts I realize that many authors (and also the manufactorer...obviously) often prestimulate for 30 min - 4h before stimulation.
What are your opinion? (or even better experience)?
could such a thing actually affect the results?
I do my stimulations for 48h...


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Serum starving the cells

Serum starving the cells before incubating with inhibitor/or stimulators help a lot.

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Thank you for your input, yes

Thank you for your input, yes, we have also realized that so I do that now.