Laboratory Safety Guidlines

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Laboratory Safety Guidlines

Laboratory Safety Guidelines

Be patient while you are working. Do not start an experiment unless you ascertain all the steps.

Do not use an equipment unless you ascertain how to use. Use the laboratory equipment properly. If you do not know how to use, see the equipment user's manual or ask others.

Do not touch any equipment or place with contaminated gloves.

Once you spill or contaminate any toxic, antibiotics or carcinogens, decontaminate the area or equipment immediately. If you do not know how to decontaminate, ask others or see MSDS.

Wear gloves and a laboratory coat while you handle any toxic or carcinogenic chemicals (e.g., EtBr, CsCl, Phenol, etc.).

Wear eye or face protection under UV.

If any toxic chemicals, antibiotics or carcinogens is spilt on body or clothes, immediately remove the contaminated clothing and wash small spills under water for at least 5 min. Spills on legs can be rinsed in the sink. Do not hesitate to use the lab shower in the laboratory on large spill. Do not rinse contaminated skin with alcohol.

After you use any chemical, enzyme or solvent, etc., bring it back to the place where it was.

Before you use the last remains, a last bottle of a chemical, tubes, etc., ask to purchase the necessary items.

Most enzymes are expensive. Keep the enzymes at -20C. Plan your quantity to be small and convenient before take them out of a freezer.

Use a new pipet tip to remove the necessary amount of any enzyme.