Postdoctoral Associate in Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology, Duke U

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Postdoctoral Associate in Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology, Duke U

Department Name: Biomedical Engineering
Position: Postdoctoral Associate in Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology

Description:    NIH funded postdoctoral position available immediately in the area of basic cardiac electrophysiology. The aproject will involve design of novel, geometrically controlled cardiac cell and tissue cultures and co-cultures between primary cardiomyocytes and other cells, including stem cells and genetically engineered cell lines. Mechanistic studies of electrical propagation at microscopic cellular scale and cardiac arrhythmias at macroscopic tissue scale will be performed by optical mapping of membrane potentials and intracellular calcium. Whole cell patch clamp recordings and collaborative work involving novel, detailed computational m odels of cardiac impulse propagation will be used to support optical mapping experiments. The potential of extending this work in three-dimensional cell cultures exists.

Requirements: The candidate should have PhD in biomedical engineering, biology, or other relevant areas of biomedical sciences. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and writing skills, be self-motivated, independent and critical thinker, and possess strong training in the area of experimental cardiac electrophysiology. Skills and experience in optical mapping, cell culture, single cell electrophysiology, and molecular biology techniques are highly desired.

Additional Information: Some additional information about Bursac Lab can be found at:

Deadline to Apply: 5/15/09

Contact Name:   Nenad Bursac, PhD
Contact Phone:  919-660-5510
Contact Email: