Problems With MCF7 cell lines

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Problems With MCF7 cell lines

 Hi to All
I am working on MCF7 cell lines. I have recently started culturing them but unfortunately there are some black dots whuch seems like cell debris but i am not sure. Moreover, my cells are not seems to be happy. they are lacking their prominant cell wall i suppose. And i can see various dotted strtcture within the cell itself. there are no bacterial contamination i am sure about that. can anybody please suggest me any rectification or procedure so i can maintain my cells in healthy way. It is really very urgent. Kindly help.


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 hope this reply is still of

 hope this reply is still of some help. it might be your cells problem, and have you solved yet?  maybe these Cells could be useful, or you can email me. 

Nikail Collins
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black dots

Sounds like some sort of contamination )bacteria, fungal, or mycoplasma).  You can check for mycoplasma in your cell lines; however, I recommend getting rid of contaminated cells and cleaning incubator very well.  Also, make sure it's not a problem with the original stock that is stored.