DMSO toxicity

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Karthick Subramaniam
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DMSO toxicity

 Dear friends

I have a query, i am working on cell line. I need to dissolve my toxic compound in DMSO and want to check the toxicity.
my query is how to dissolve my compound in DMSO (99.9 % pure), since both are aqueous solution how to check the solubility ?

2. DMSO is 99.9 % pure and also toxic when exposed to cells, so how to bring down the DMSO concentration from 99.9 % to 0.1 % ? How to dilute whether in medium or in water..? Then when to add my compound of interest..?

pls solve my query..

It would be helpful for me..


Jason King
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 If you want to have a final

 If you want to have a final concentration of 0.1% DMSO you should prepare a 1% solution then use this and water to mix with your test solution. How much of that you use will depend on the concentrations you want to test.

you say that your DMSO is 99.9% pure. This sounds like an expression of quality rather than substance concentration. Check what the concentration of DMSO actually is.

remember that a 1% w/v solution is made by adding 1g substance to a final volume of 100mL but a 1% v/v solution is made by diluting appropriately from a solution with a higher concentration. For example, if the DMSO stock is an 80% DMSO solution, you would add 1 part stock solution to 79 parts water to get 1% v/v. If the DMSO really is 100% then you can weigh out 0.5g of it in a 50mL Falcon tube and add water to 50mL for 1% w/v.

nimra mujeeb
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how can we make 10 mM DMSO from liquified form of DMSO