Immune Tolerance in Cancer & Autoimmune Disease

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Immune Tolerance in Cancer & Autoimmune Disease

May 6-9, 2009, Jolly Beach, Antigua
Immune Tolerance in Cancer and Autoimmune Disease: how to break it, and how to (re-)make it. Speakers inlcude: Jeffrey Bluestone, Mario Colombo and Philip Greenberg.

Jitendra Sinha
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Can you please send me the

Can you please send me the link through which I can apply for this thing?
Thanks a lot!

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May 6-9, 2009
Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua

This novel program brings together researchers from the juxtaposed fields of anti-tumor and autoimmune research to consider how lessons learned from the one, can develop and improve strategies for the other.

Register and submit your abstract online today!

Invited speakers and talk titles
The scientific organizers, Richard Vile (Mayo Clinic) and Richard Flavell (Yale), have put together an exciting speaker lineup:

  • James Allison (Sloan-Kettering Institute)
    Immune checkpoint blockade in cancer therapy
  • Stuart Calderwood (Harvard Medical School)
    Title TBA
  • Esteban Celis (Moffitt Cancer Centre)
    Novel potent peptide vaccines for cancer
  • Mario Colombo (Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori Experimental Oncology, Italy)
    OX40-OX40L bridges mast cells-T reg interactions and affects the immune response to cancer and autoimmunity
  • George Eisenbarth (University of Colorado)
    Discovering critical molecular determinants of adaptive autoimmunity
  • Richard Flavell (University of Yale, School of Medicine)
    Role of TGFb in immune response to self tissue and tumors
  • Philip Greenberg (University of Washington)
    T Cell tumor therapy: overcoming obstacles to targeting self-proteins expressed by the tumor
  • Christopher Gregory (MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh)
    Title TBA
  • Diane Mathis (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)
    Treg control of an autoimmune lesion
  • Alan Melcher (Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre at Leeds)
    Killing cancer cells with therapeutic viruses and the immune response – friend or foe?
  • Larry Pease (Mayo Clinic)
    Activation of self-reactive CTL reveals a strong focus of the CD8+ T cell receptor repertoire on self
  • Scott Strome (University of Maryland, School of Medicine)
    Manipulation of the 4-1BB pathway for the treatment of human malignancy
  • Cornelia Trimble (John Hopkins University)
    Mechanisms of immune suppression in HPV disease
  • Richard Vile (Mayo Clinic)
    Using autoimmunity to treat cancer